With a lot of news spreading around about the Coronavirus or, COVID-19, it can be hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not. It can also be incredibly overwhelming to read about the panic that seems to be spreading across the world. However, there are plenty of resources out there containing information on how to protect yourself. Following the steps below can provide comfort during a trying time.

Wash Your Hands Often
Since COVID-19 is spread from person-to-person, it’s imperative to make sure your hands are clean. According to the CDC, you should try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. This is most important to remember after touching surfaces in a public place and after sneezing and/or coughing. Hand washing with soap is extremely effective. If you only have hand sanitizer at your disposal, try to use some that has at least 60% alcohol.

Disinfect Surfaces
Just like your hands, the surfaces around you should also be clean. This tip is especially important for work environments and shared spaces. Disinfect areas that get a lot of traffic throughout the day like doorknobs, light switches, desks, phones, keyboards, etc. There is no need to compulsively disinfect all the areas around you but try to at least do it at the end of the day. Knowing you’re doing your part to keep your area clean can bring comfort to not only you, but also the people around you.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, and Mouth
If your hands are dirty, it is best to refrain from touching any area of your face. It can be difficult to remember this tip because we often don’t realize we are even doing it. The best way to avoid any repercussions from touching your face is to follow the other tips above. Keep your hands and your areas clean. Regardless, it is probably better to completely avoiding touching your face.

Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs
Make sure you are covering your sneezes and coughs with the inside of your elbow or with a tissue. Basically, try not to cover your mouth directly with your hands when sneezing or coughing. Afterwards, immediately wash your hands as directed above. On this note, if you are feeling ill or experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, it is best to just stay home. Following the tips above are simple, but effective ways to protect yourself and others. Even with all the news circulating around, there may people who are unsure of how to protect themselves. It is important to educate those around you as well to ensure the best prevention. Stay safe out there and keep those hands washed!

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