They Got A Pre-Nup! And Here’s Why They Did:


  1. Behavior Commitments. Couples may agree to conditional divisions based on one spouse’s behavior. For instance, Keith Urban agreed he would not receive spousal support, if he used illegal drugs during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. Justin Timberlake agreed to pay a monetary fee, if he cheats on Jessica Biel.
  2. Setting Relationship Goals in Writing. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife agreed to a lifestyle clause in their pre-nup, where they must spend 100 minutes of alone time with each other and have one date night per week.
  3. Distinguish Between Separate and Marital Property. If you acquired property prior to marriage and the property is generating income, like rent, then you may desire to keep it separate. When there is no pre-nup, then that rental income you receive during your marriage is considered community property and is subject to division upon divorce.
  4. Business Owners. You invest countless hours and money into building your business. Even if you start your business before you were married, your spouse may be entitled to half of the increased value your company experienced during your marriage unless you state otherwise in a pre-nup!
  5. Provide for Children from Previous Relationships. A pre-nup allows you to designate certain property or heirlooms exclusively to your children, without your new spouse claiming an interest. A Will and Testament in itself is not sufficient enough to ensure that your children receive the inheritance you intended.
  6. Your Partner has a High Debt Load. If your partner plans to assume high debts, his or her creditors could potentially come after your money.


Also note: If you are thinking of getting a prenup, don’t procrastinate in having an open discussion with your partner. If you decide to get a prenup, then

  1. Each person should have their own independent attorney to provide guidance prior to signing and to avoid a conflict of interest.
  2. Prenups become effective upon marriage.
  3. These contracts must be in notarized and in writing.
  4. Both parties must voluntarily sign and fully disclose all assets and liability prior to signing the agreement.


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