Key word: Simple. Clothing influences how others perceive you. You want the judge or jury to find your testimony credible and credibility is influenced by your appearance. It will never hurt you to look like a professional. Plus, there is nothing wrong with looking good.

So, what should you wear to court? A courtroom is a conservative place and a good rule of thumb is to dress like you are going on a business interview. Choose an outfit that provides respect to the judge and will not distract others from your testimony.


  1. Business suit. If none is available, wear slacks, sports coat, long sleeves collared shirt.
  2. Shirttail should be tucked in
  3. Use a belt
  4. Hair well groomed and neat.
  5. Accessories: Modest watch; Avoid cuff links
  6. Polish your shoes!


  1. Dress suit or pantsuit. If none is available, wear a knee-length skirt or slacks.
  2. Solid color blouse or sweater
  3. Hair: pulled back from the face
  4. Closed-toe shoes
  5. Neutral makeup

If you are or have been in the military, it is acceptable to wear your uniform. A military uniform commands respect and sets you apart.

What NOT to wear to Court:

  1. Shorts.
  2. Beachwear. No tank tops, flip-flops, sunglasses, strapless dresses or hats.
  3. Athletic gear or sweatshirts.
  4. Miniskirts or low cut shirts.
  5. No jeans, especially jeans with holes.
  6. Jerseys
  7. Sneakers or stilettos
  8. T-shirts with logos or inappropriate images
  9. Excessive jewelry

Overall, you should wear well-fitted clothing. Nothing flashy. Cover tattoos and remove piercings. The right clothing choices may help eliminate discrimination and distraction. You do not need designer suits. Just look neat and clean! I challenge you to dress like a winner!

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